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Harmony in Motion

Curt Freeman

[Verse 1] Amidst the bustle of the city's roar, A sanctuary for the mind and soul to soar. A place where peace and tranquility reside, In every breath, a new life is born inside. [Chorus] Oh, Yoga Studio, where hearts align, With every pose, we touch the sky. A logo that speaks of strength and grace, A beacon of calm in the world's fast-paced race. [Verse 2] With each step on the mat, we leave behind, The weight of the world, the burdens of the mind. A gentle stretch, a breath that's free, A journey within, a soul set to be. [Chorus] Oh, Yoga Studio, where spirits rise, With every inhale, a moment to savor. A logo that captures the essence of peace, A haven for hearts, a solace to seize. [Bridge] Underneath the moon's soft, silvery light, Together we flow, in rhythm so tight. A community bound by the silent vow, Of unity in motion, a sacred vow. [Chorus] Oh, Yoga Studio, where dreams take flight, With every exhale, a world made right. A logo that stands for balance and care, A place where we're welcomed, a space we share. [Outro] As the sun sets, and the day draws to a close, A logo that reminds us, of the peace we chose. [End]