Cosmic Lullaby: The Handpan's Spell

LiteralllyYou RightNow
Harmonic minor hypnosis with a handpan instrumental

[Verse 1] A whisper of the wind, a silent plea, Underneath the moon's soft, silvery sheen. Handpan's gentle touch, a lullaby, Harmonic minor's spell, a dream within. [Chorus] Hypnotic minor, in the night's embrace, A melody that dances, a rhythmic chase. Echoes of the stars, a cosmic play, Handpan's song, a journey, a silent stay. [Verse 2] Through the veil of darkness, a melody flows, Each note a step, on the cosmic roads. A handpan's rhythm, a guide so true, Leading us to realms, where the heart can do. [Chorus] Hypnotic minor, the night's own tune, A symphony of silence, a moonlit rune. In the quietude, the handpan's call, A lullaby of peace, a tranquil hall. [Bridge] Amidst the silence, the music speaks, Of ancient rhythms, and the cosmic peaks. Each handpan strike, a heartbeat strong, A pulse of life, where the soul belongs. [Chorus] Hypnotic minor, the night's own key, A handpan's melody, a lullaby. In the stillness, the music's grace, A cosmic dance, a timeless space. [Outro] As the last note fades, into the night, A handpan's echo, a gentle light. A memory of the minor's charm, A lullaby of peace, a lasting calm. [End]