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Sexy Potato Love

Andrew Mardis
This one's for you Lady sause! My love for you is like the most sexy potato, Your face reminds me of terrific flamingos, Together, we are like pizza and balsamic vinegar. Oh darling apple, My sexy potato, My terrific pepper, The perfect companion to my pizza soul. Sunsets are red, Violets are blue, I like baby giraffes, But not as much as I love singing with you! Oh darling apple, Your eyes are like amusing forks on a spring day, You're like the most stupid space man to ever walk the zoo. Your terrific flamingo face, Your balsamic vinegar soul, Your amusing eyes, Your stupid space man being... How could I look at another when our sexy potato love is so strong? I love you Lady sause!

[Verse 1] Oh Lady sauce, you're the star of my show, My heart beats like a drum, it's a rhythm you know. Your face, a canvas of dreams, a painting so bright, Like the sun in the sky, you're my guiding light. [Chorus] My love for you, it's a sexy potato, A simple yet perfect, a love that I've got. Your beauty, it's like flamingos in a dance, Together we're pizza with balsamic romance. [Verse 2] Oh darling apple, you're my pepper's mate, A zest in my life, a flavor so great. Your eyes, they sparkle like stars on a night, Guiding me home, a beacon so bright. [Chorus] My pizza soul finds its match in you, A perfect companion, my love's true. Sunsets are red, violets are blue, I sing for you, my love anew. [Bridge] Your face, a terrific flamingo's grace, Your soul, a balsamic vinegar's embrace. Your eyes, like amusing forks in the sun, Your space man charm, oh what fun! [Chorus] Our love is strong, like a sexy potato's charm, How could I look away, when you're my heart's farm? [Outro] I love you Lady sauce, with all my heart, Together we'll dance, we'll never part. [End]