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Lotus in Repose

Uttkarsh Pahuja

[Verse 1] A canvas breathes, a soul in repose, A figure sits in lotus, in tranquility's throes. Eyes closed, the world's a distant hum, A painting that's more than just a sum of its sum. [Chorus] Oh, the stillness speaks, in colors so bold, A silent tale, in the strokes that unfold. A seeker's quest, in the depths of the mind, A painted peace, where the spirit finds kind. [Verse 2] Brushstrokes whisper secrets of the sage, Wisdom captured, in the artist's cage. Each line a lesson, each curve a plea, For the peace that's sought, in the quiet and the free. [Chorus] Oh, the stillness speaks, in hues of the dawn, A silent symphony, in the artist's lawn. A meditative pose, in the heart of the frame, A painted moment, where the chaos is tamed. [Bridge] Through the veil of time, the painting stands, A testament to the calmness of hands. A silent observer, in the room's soft light, A guide through the chaos, through day and through night. [Chorus] Oh, the stillness speaks, in the quietest roar, A silent witness, to the stories we bore. A painted reflection, of the self we seek, A moment of peace, in the artist's peak. [Outro] As the colors fade, and the world turns anew, A painted lotus, in the quiet, it grew. [End]