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Guardian of the Flow

Albert Wei

[Verse 1] A bridge so grand, it spans the vast, A sentinel of water's vast expanse. Its arches high, the sky so wide, A silent guard, where secrets dance. [Chorus] Over the water, the bridge stands tall, A symbol of strength, in the heart of all. Beneath its shadow, the waves do play, A lullaby to the night's embrace. [Verse 2] With every step, a story's told, Of journeys crossed, of tales untold. A bridge of dreams, where hearts align, A path to hope, a beacon of time. [Chorus] Over the water, the bridge stands tall, A testament to the human call. Its beams of light, a guiding star, A promise of dawn, where dreams are far. [Bridge] From dawn to dusk, it holds the key, To dreams that soar, to memories. A bridge of peace, in tranquil streams, A bond of unity, in silent beams. [Chorus] Over the water, the bridge stands tall, A sentinel of the day's final call. Its silhouette, a whisper of grace, A guardian's watch, in the moonlit space. [Outro] As the sun sets, the bridge's glow, Reflects on the water, a gentle show. A testament to the beauty's reign, A bridge of dreams, forever in frame. [End]