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Candy Land Alphabet

Mim Zakia
A is for apple, red and sweet, B is for bunny, with fluffy feet. C is for candy, in a rainbow swirl, D is for dragon, with wings to unfurl. E is for elephant, big and gray, F is for fairy, who leads the way. G is for gingerbread, tasty treat, H is for hippo, in a marshy seat. In Candy Land, from A to Z, Each letter brings joy, as you can see. Let's explore this sugary delight, Learning our letters, day and night!

[Verse 1] A is for apple, a symbol of cheer, Red and sweet, it brings us near. B is for bunny, with fluffy feet, Hopping through fields, they can't be beat. [Chorus] Candy Land's the place, where dreams take flight, Each letter's a story, shining so bright. From A to Z, in this alphabet spree, Let's learn and play, in harmony. [Verse 2] E is for elephant, majestic and wise, Big and gray, with a gentle surprise. F is for fairy, with a wand so bright, Leading the way, through the night. [Chorus] G is for gingerbread, a cookie's delight, Tasty treat, that's out of sight. H is for hippo, in a marshy seat, Cooling off, in the sun's retreat. [Bridge] Oh, in Candy Land, where the alphabet sings, Joyful lessons, with colorful wings. Each letter's a friend, in this sweet spree, Let's explore and learn, as we agree. [Chorus] [Outro] So let's sing our ABCs, in this land so bright, Learning and laughing, through day and night. [End]