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Harmony in the Breeze

Kristaps Zālītis

[Verse 1] Beneath the old oak tree, a tale to be told, A dog and a cat, side by side they're not bold. Their fur in the breeze, a picture of ease, A sight so serene, it's a symphony of peace. [Chorus] Together they sit, in a world of their own, A harmony found, where the wild and the tame have grown. With every soft purr and a wag of the tail, They sing a silent song, a melody that prevails. [Verse 2] Underneath the stars, they share a quiet thought, A bond so profound, it's a secret they've taught. Their eyes locked in gaze, a silent embrace, A friendship so pure, it's a sight that graces. [Chorus] Together they lie, in the glow of the moon, A bond that defies, all the odds of the room. With every soft sigh and a gentle nudge, They weave a tale of love, in the quietest of hush. [Bridge] Oh, the stories they tell, with each passing breeze, Of a world where they dwell, where differences cease. [Chorus] Together they dream, in the tranquil night, A vision of unity, a beautiful sight. [Outro] As the stars fade away, and the dawn starts to rise, They remain side by side, in the warmth of the skies. [End]