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Twinkle, Twinkle, Starfish

Cartoon Kids
Twinkle, twinkle, little starfish, In the ocean, what’s your wish? Waving arms with graceful flair, Gliding through the salty air. Shining brightly in the sea, Twinkle, starfish, wild and free. Dreaming dreams beneath the tide, Sparkling bright, you gently glide.

[Verse 1] Twinkle, twinkle, little starfish, Glimmering in the ocean's kiss. With every wave, you dance and sway, A silent ballet, night and day. [Chorus] Oh starfish, bright and free, Guide us through the deep blue sea. With dreams that touch the shore, And hearts that long for more. [Verse 2] Beneath the waves, where secrets dwell, A world of wonder, where you dwell. With arms outstretched, you reach for the sky, A beacon of hope, as you fly. [Chorus] Oh starfish, wild and free, Amidst the ocean's symphony. With every sparkle, you inspire, A tale of dreams, forever higher. [Bridge] As the tides ebb and flow, A rhythm that no one can know. Your journey's path, so grand and wide, A story of life, where you abide. [Chorus] Twinkle, starfish, in the sea, A light that guides, a light that's free. With every dream, you set the stage, For a world to follow, in your wake. [Outro] Glide on, starfish, through the deep, A guiding star, a gentle keep. May your light forever shine, A beacon of hope, forever mine. [End]