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La Noche de la Danza

thierry P. Beaulieu
dark, minimal, techno, underground, track in the style of Berlin / Ibiza with suggestive lyrics using a sensual female voice, english speaking with a Spanish accent. Lyrics: "Its the night or la noche baby, I feel like dancing until the end of the night, get into the ring, drop the light, put the volume up, can you feel it, it's the sound of your heart, the pulse of the beat, its now a part, of me my secret garden, my retreat, go harder, put the volume up, make the speakers scream, keep rising to the top, just don't stop, until the drop and the extatic slop, to nirvana, and subliminal pleasure timeless, endless erasures. mi amor."

[Verse 1] It's the night or la noche, baby, Feeling the rhythm, I'm swaying Dancing 'til dawn, let's not delay, Under the stars, we'll find our way [Chorus] Get into the ring, let's make some noise, Drop the light, let the music be our voice Turn it up high, let the bass resound, Can you feel it, the heartbeat, the sound [Verse 2] My secret garden, where we retreat, A place of passion, where we meet Go harder, let the night unfold, Let the music take us to the gold [Chorus] Make the speakers scream, let the night ignite, Keep rising to the top, don't you fight Until the drop, the ecstatic slope, A journey to nirvana, a timeless scope [Bridge] Endless erasures, in the dance of time, Subliminal pleasure, a rhythm divine Mi amor, let the night embrace, Together we'll chase, the endless chase [Chorus] Put the volume up, let the night be heard, Feel the pulse of the beat, it's your reward [Outro] As the night fades, and the dawn draws near, Our hearts still beat, to the sound we hear [End]