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Embrace the Earth's Melody

Muh. Ulya
songs about the beauty of nature, folk, indie folk

[Verse 1] Underneath the canopy of stars, Whispers of the breeze, the rustling leaves, A symphony of life, a silent dance, Nature's beauty, a timeless romance. [Chorus] Oh, sing with me, the song of the earth, Where every creature has its own worth, Embrace the glow of the morning light, And let the beauty of nature ignite. [Verse 2] Beneath the azure sky, the sun's soft kiss, Fields of gold, where the wildflowers bliss, A river's song, a gentle flow, Nature's charm, a secret to know. [Chorus] Oh, sing with me, the tale of the trees, Where every leaf tells a story with ease, Feel the warmth of the sun's embrace, And let the beauty of nature grace. [Bridge] With every breath, the air so fresh and clear, Nature's embrace, a sight so dear, A world so vast, yet intimately close, A canvas painted with life's own prose. [Chorus] Oh, sing with me, the chorus of the wind, Across the valleys, where the echoes find, A melody that's wild and free, Nature's beauty, a sight to see. [Outro] As the day fades to a gentle night, Stars above, a guiding light, Nature's beauty, forever true, A song that's sung, from me to you. [End]