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Silent Symphony

Shahar Golan

[Verse 1] Underneath the city lights, where dreams and shadows dance, A tale unfolds in whispers, under the urban romance. [Chorus] Oh, the silent symphony, in the heart of the night, Where the lonely find their melody, in the quiet of the fight. [Verse 2] Streets are lined with stories, each step a verse, each sigh, a line, Echoes of the bygone, in the neon's afterglow, shine. [Chorus] Oh, the silent symphony, where the lost and found collide, In the embrace of the moonlight, they find their way to glide. [Bridge] Through the haze of the city's breath, where the silent speak, Amidst the rush of the restless, a moment's peace they seek. [Chorus] Oh, the silent symphony, in the pulse of the town, Where the weary lay their burdens, and the music softly drowns. [Outro] As the dawn breaks the silence, the symphony fades away, Yet in the heart of the city, the melody stays. [End]