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Symphony of L.S.D.

Chris G.
Eurodance 160 bpm in the Key of E minor: The Metabolic Eclosion of a Acid Queen. Purifications, Incantations and Illusions - "Symphony of L.S.D." : jarring harmonics, epic smurf chanting: L.S.D., L.S.D. and infantile euphoric melodies, serving as a ecstatic Rumble to the unfolding depths of the sensory overload, in the style of Mark Oh' and Marusha

[Verse 1] Acid Queen in the realm of E minor, Eclosion of senses, a symphony so divine. Purifications, incantations, illusions, A rumble of ecstasy, in the dance of L.S.D. [Chorus] L.S.D., L.S.D., the chant of the smurf, Harmonics jarring, a euphoria that's surf. Infantile melodies, a sensory overload, A symphony of L.S.D., where the Acid Queen's soul unloads. [Verse 2] Through the veil of reality she dances, A spectacle of colors, a trance of euphoric glances. Ecstatic rhythms, a rumble that's wild, Mark Oh' and Marusha, in the style of the child. [Chorus] L.S.D., L.S.D., the chant that's so free, A symphony of senses, a melody that's key. Euphoria's embrace, in the Acid Queen's reign, A journey through time, in the symphony of L.S.D. [Bridge] As the tempo rises, the Acid Queen's flight, A journey of senses, a night of pure delight. Ecstatic rumble, a dance with the stars, A symphony of L.S.D., where the Acid Queen soars. [Chorus] L.S.D., L.S.D., the chant of the new, A symphony of joy, in the Acid Queen's view. [Outro] As the symphony fades, the Acid Queen's tale, A memory of L.S.D., where the senses prevail. [End]