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Liberty's Tome

Fabrizio Uffreduzzi

[Verse 1] In the harbor's gentle embrace, A sentinel stands tall and free, Her torch aloft, a beacon's grace, A symbol of liberty. [Chorus] Oh, Lady with the book in hand, A promise to the world you stand, With pages open wide and bold, A story yet to unfold. [Verse 2] Through the mists of time she's seen, The dreams of those who've come unseen, A mother to the dispossessed, A voice for the oppressed. [Chorus] Oh, Lady with the book in hand, A vision for the land, With every line, a future planned, A legacy to expand. [Bridge] In her gaze, the world's reflection, A mirror to our own direction, Guiding light, a path to tread, In freedom's name, we're led. [Chorus] Oh, Lady with the book in hand, A beacon in the shifting sand, With every word, a hope to find, In unity, we're bound. [Outro] As the sun sets on the waves, Her vigil never wavers, The book she holds, a testament, To the spirit that's unspent. [End]