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Guitar's Symphony of Joy

Kenneth Kay
Instrumental upbeat classical song that emphasizes the guitar.

[Verse 1] Underneath the sun's warm glow, Strings vibrate with a rhythm slow, A melody that dances free, As the guitar leads the symphony. [Chorus] Oh, the joy it brings, so bright, A tune that lifts the heart alight, With every strum, the world turns, A classical song that soars. [Verse 2] Fingers glide with grace and ease, Notes that weave a tapestry of peace, A story told without a word, Just the guitar's soft-spoken chord. [Chorus] Oh, the joy it brings, so clear, A rhythm that brings us all near, With every note, a new start, A classical song that's an art. [Bridge] Through the highs and the lows it flows, A melody that never slows, A journey through the heart of sound, A tale spun by the guitar's round. [Chorus] Oh, the joy it brings, so true, A song that's forever anew, With every beat, a step forward, A classical song that's never bored. [Outro] As the last note softly fades, The guitar's song forever stays, A memory of joy and light, A classical song that's out of sight. [End]